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For a starting point with Asterisk and ISDN, please look here.

Some linux telephony related patches:


General (debugging)

28½KB tracI-0.26.txz 0.26 2022-02-09 ISDN Q.921/Q.931 D-channel/D-Kanal decoder / protocol analyzer not only for isdn4linux / HiSax
Now also reads traces / log files from Cisco AS, Ascend MAX, Asterisk pri debug, mISDN, onsoft WatchS0 and connects to Auerswald PBXs via TCP and compiles on MacOS as well

Linux / Drivers

14   KB ttyI-2.4.patch 0.01 2004-11-26 Patch for Linux kernel up to 2.4.28, see below
14¼KB ttyI-2.4.29.patch 0.02 2005-02-05 Patch for Linux kernel 2.4.29 and later, see below
7¼KB ttyI-2.6.patch 0.03 2022-02-06 Patch for Linux kernel 2.6 / 3.1, see below
7¾KB ttyI-3.4.patch 0.04 2019-12-13 Patch for Linux kernel 3.4 / 4, see below
1¼KB ttyI-doc 0.01 2017-06-06 Readme for above patches
Patch for the /dev/ttyI AT command set to get unambiguious information about the calling party number
It allows configuration of national and international prefixes as well as restricted and not available numbers
It also fixes a misfeature that didn't allow to add more commands after a '+'-command terminated with a ';'.
15½KB all-hardware.patch - 2019-04-19 This is all the following patches combined in to one
1¼KB hfc_usb-0df6-3068.patch - 2017-06-07 Adds support for Sitecom DC-104v2 USB ISDN adapter (USB ID 0df6:3068) to both mISDN and I4L
1   KB hfc_usb-1AE7-0525.patch - 2010-10-24 Adds support for X-Tensions XC-525 USB ISDN adapter (USB ID 1AE7:0525) to both mISDN and I4L
½KB hfcmulti-136a-0007.patch - 2019-01-29 Adds support for the HST Saphir III E Multilink 4 (Rev 01) card (PCI ID 136a:0007:a36a:0100) to mISDN
½KB hfcmulti-136a-0008.patch - 2019-01-29 Adds support for the HST Saphir III E Multilink 8 (Rev 01) card (PCI ID 136a:0008:a36a:0100) to mISDN
½KB hfcmulti-1397-08b4.patch - 2019-03-09 Adds support for an unlabelled PCIe HFC-4S card (PCI ID 1397:08b4:1397:b742) to mISDN
1¼KB hfcmulti-1397-30B1.patch - 2014-04-12 Adds support for the SWYX SX1 and SX2 PRI cards (PCI ID 1397:30B1:1397:B543 and 1397:30B1:1397:B544) to mISDN
¾KB hfcmulti-1397-30B1b.patch - 2018-11-22 Adds support for the Junghanns.NET double E1 card (PCI ID 1397:30B1:1397:B554) to mISDN
1   KB hfcmulti-1397-B51B.patch - 2013-07-12 Adds support for the allonet/allo.com multi BRI PCI/PCIe cards (PCI ID 1397:08B1:1397:B51A and 1397:08B1:1397:B51B) to mISDN
1¼KB hfcpci-1AE7-0520.patch - 2011-08-28 Adds support for the X-Tensions XC-520 PCI ISDN adapter (PCI ID 1AE7:0520) to mISDN

Linux Call Router

7¾KB lcr-screen.patch.d 0.01 2011-02-25 patch for the development branch Patch for Linux-Call-Routers screening function.
If you use the MSN option, it will only work on exact matches. With this patch it will compare for the lenght of the shorter number from the end, the way you're used to from e.g. the public network.
So if you configure your MSNs with area code in interface.conf, but without area code in your terminal, or vice versa, you will get a match with this patch. Aditionally, leading zeros and a leading + are stripped before comparison. That makes it possible to configure your MSNs in canonical format without the need to do so in your terminal as well. Also sets the screening indicator if MSNs are configured.
3½KB lcr-multidial.patch GIT 2012-07-11 patch for the development branch
This allows you to dial multiple external interfaces simultaneousely by prefixing them with +. e.g. interfaces=+port1,port2. This will also work from Asterisk via chan_lcr. e.g. Dial(LCR/+port1\,port2/12345)
1½KB lcr-redir-screen.patch GIT 2012-06-16 Adds screening of redirecting number


2½KB app_read_hash-10.patch - 2011-09-07 Adds a new option "h" to app_read that allows "#" to be read as a digit instead of terminating input.
For Asterisk 10
2¾KB app_read_hash-11.patch - 2014-11-17 Adds a new option "h" to app_read that allows "#" to be read as a digit instead of terminating input.
For Asterisk 11
4½KB app_read_hash-11v2.patch - 2015-07-22 Adds a new option "h" to app_read that allows "#" to be read as a digit instead of terminating input.
For Asterisk 11, cleaned and optimized version
1¾KB app_voicemail_event.patch - 2018-12-26 app_voicemail: Add message count to MessageWaiting manager event
Make the event generated after a user finished using VoiceMailMain identical to the event raised after a message was recorded.
½KB sig_pri-hold.patch - 2012-02-20 Makes it possible to put any connected call on hold, not just bridged ones.
½KB dial-elsewhere-10.patch - 2012-05-16 If Dial() was cancelled because the calling channel was hung up with 'answered elsewhere', it will be forwarded to the devices/peers called by Asterisk. For Asterisk 10
¾KB dial-elsewhere-11.patch - 2012-05-16 As above, for Asterisk 11 Has been included in Asterisk 11.
1½KB iax2-ooh323-reloadevent.patch - 2018-12-26 Add ChannelReload manager events to chan_iax2 and chan_ooh323
¾KB sip-asn1-aoc.patch - 2014-11-17 Needed to make it possible to make outgoing calls via Alice/Hansenet/Telefonica/O2 or Vodafone with AOC enabled. This patch just acknowledges the receipt of the AOC information, but does not make use of it.
1   KB TOS-CoS-spam.patch - 2014-11-17 Changes the (IMHO) annoying "Using SIP RTP TOS bits" and "Using SIP RTP CoS mark" messages from verbose 2 to verbose 4
1   KB Queue-TotalTime.patch - 2018-02-05 AMI: Add "TotalTime" to QueueEntry event containing the time since the channel was created.